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camarchitects: who we are…

Our range of work in recent years has encompassed public housing, private residential, healthcare, retail premises, restaurants and heritage projects, but we concentrate our efforts on a small number of projects at any one time.

We pride ourselves on contemporary creative design, but with a strong awareness of the uses of the building, the surroundings of the project, and, of course, impacts on the environment.

Our clients, particularly those who return to us regularly, appreciate our collaborative style of working. We have many skills, but appreciate that others may have some of the answers.  We believe that working openly with clients and the other professionals involved in a project is the best way of achieving a building that will give long term satisfaction to owners and users.

We are proud of the work we have done and would be delighted to discuss how we can help you.

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camarchitects: our services…


Initial and Conceptual Ideas

Your initial thoughts and ideas need to be turned into reality. We assist you in this process and visit you to ascertain your brief for your new/refurbished property, and produce initial sketch ideas that will then form the basis of the scheme.


Site Layout and Special Planning

We undertake site layouts to ascertain the number and density of property types on your site. This will enable you to ascertain the economical viability and form part of our discussions with the Planning Department.


Planning Advice

Having completed the conceptual and site planning, we then consult with the local Planning Department to ascertain the correct policy and the views of the Officers who will be looking at the proposals. It is now common for Planning Departments to charge for pre application consultations but we feel this is a worthwhile part of the process.
Once the design is formalised, a planning application is required and we will take your project through that process, the completion of which will be, hopefully, a planning approval, although of course the decisions are out of our control.


New Buildings

We design and take forward your ideas for your buildings whether it is for a new house, a commercial or public building. Design is an important part of our process and an area we place in the forefront of our services.


Existing Buildings and Extensions

We also undertake work on existing structures, houses, commercial buildings of all types, including Listed Buildings. This will include extensions and repairs to the structure and any alterations and improvements that are needed.


On Site

Once your building has been approved, you will require a Builder to undertake the construction works. We are able to advise on, not only the Builder, but also other Consultants that will be required to design other components within the building.
Detailed work will be needed including putting together a tender package to obtain competitive prices, or negotiations with a chosen Contractor. We are able to assist on site and undertake contract administration and eventually the completion of the works.


Measured Surveys

When working with existing buildings we would undertake a measured survey to produce our initial plans. This work is crucial as it gives a starting point to any scheme and accurate drawings are produced.


Computer/ IT

All our work is completed on sophisticated computer programmes that enable 2D and 3D drawings to be produced. We are also able to show realistic rendering of your finished product.
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