Location: Preston
Date: Competition 2012

Architecture is about people and places, how a site becomes a place, how the “genius loci” or spirit of the place is recognized and integrates into people’s daily life; thus the task of the architect is to create meaningful places, that helps man/women to dwell, that is to say, to experience his/her environment as meaningful. A dwelling is more than a building to provide shelter from the elements, it is a place with a distinctive character that forms an integral part on people’s lives.

The purpose of this project is to provide dwellings for people, to create a place that will be part of their life, supporting their identity and encouraging the feeling of belonging to the place and at the same time regenerates and enhances its surrounding landscape.To achieve this, all the elements of the project have been carefully considered and taken into account in a design process where brief requirements, national and local planning policies, site constraints and potentials, sustainability and affordability come together in the shape of the scheme presented




RIBA Registered Architcts