Repton House

Location: Old Catton, Norwich
Date: On-going

A new housing scheme to provide 7 dwellings in the Old Catton Conservation Area.

The overall character of the scheme has been considered in relation to surrounding buildings and will tie in with that of the Old Catton conservation area by means of the layout of the scheme, the scale of the proposed buildings and materials.

A continuous building line around a courtyard has been developed to respond to site constraints and opportunities.

The proposed development pattern, the position and orientation of the houses alongside landscaping reinforce the movement patterns and will add to create a distinctive character on the overall scheme.

The height and footprint of the buildings not only relate to the scale of adjacent properties but create and reinforce key views, vistas and gateway locations and, in the case of buildings to the south, to create a focal view as you approach the development from Church Road.


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