Location: Edingthorpe, Norfolk
Date: 2014

A replacement dwelling in the countryside.

The dwelling allows views across the surrounding countryside and Bacton Woods on the horizon. The orientation of individual rooms will make the most of natural light and solar gain thus reducing its impact on the environment.

The main body of the house runs along the south-east to north-west axis. From this, a juxtaposition of three volumes of smaller footprint are added to reduce the impact of the house in the overall context, to create focal points and to add interest to elevations.

The stepped pavilions at the corners with the small higher volume in the centre maximise the views from the house to the garden and open countryside.

The south facing glazing areas to the majority of spaces affords the house maximum daylight through the year and integrates the siting and landscaping directly to the house.


Edingthorpe, Norfolk

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